Why I write?

Professionally, I write to communicate a clear and concise message in a dynamic way for the reader to easily comprehend and engage. 

Check out the website I designed for the company my husband and I own for the last 28 years,
S & N Paint Contractors, Inc.

I also designed a website for my business, Your Business Ally. If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it.

Personally, I write to cultivate deep faith roots, inspire fresh hope, and encourage spiritual and emotional growth.


By the continual renewing of our minds and promoting self-renovation.

Let's remove the offensive weeds of rebellion and germinate seeds of gratitude. 

I adore epiphanies--organic bombshells of deep revelation--like a wisdom wink from the Father. Let's be Everblooming with love, joy, and peace by living a vibrant and passionate life.

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Posts & Links

Have you ever struggled for God's will to be done? 

Me too. 

Ever wonder what it's like to write?

Well, a lot like the Lone Ranger, Pig Pen and Eeorye. Here's how you can support a writer.

Guest Blog for Mary Beth Dahl

Are you a Gideon-like sign seeking Christian? Do you believe God answers our prayers for a sign? Let's see how He dealt with our warrior friend, Gideon. And how we can apply it to our writing journey.

How to Become a Warrior Writer

Do you have favorite movie scenes that you've never forgotten? Do you wish you could show clear and touching scenes in your writing? A great place to learn is at a writer's conference. 

Check out my guest post on the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference and read about my experience.

Worthy Publishers hit a home run  for all dog lovers!

I'm honored to be a contributor to this devotion. 
Check out pages-- 41, 73, and 153.

This is a great gift for all dog lovers.

So God Made a Dog

Worthy Publishing creates a great devotion for nature lovers.

I'm thrilled to have contributed 10 devotions. Pages 27, 75, 131, 151, 160, 202, 226, 237, 307, & 365. 

The Wonders of Nature

Another Nature Devotion by Worthy Publishing.