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Surviving Pain

I have a disclaimer before I begin this post.  Please turn your imagination ON and picture this scene. You are standing on a vast beach on a sunny and breezy day. The waves steadily pound the shore as the seagulls fly gracefully overhead. You see a child's red sand bucket sitting atilt. You walk through the warm sand to see what's inside. And it's full of sea water. And you look out to the horizon, and feel like you can see forever. Nothing but ocean, Majestic, powerful, and endless. The red sand bucket is my knowledge. The vast ocean is God's. I have some friends who are going through tough stuff. Incredibly tough. Like drop to your knees and feel you will weep forever. I know a couple of friends who are struggling and I don't know exactly what's going on, but I can tell they are in pain. Pain is the human common denominator. We've all felt sucker punched by life. We've all been betrayed by someone.  We've found ourselves in agonizing situations and

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