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Journeys and Endings

Do you have a favorite saying? One of mine is-- "Life is a journey with an end,  but it is the journey that matters in the end." The reason I've always loved this is because as a busy-beaver-always-working-on-projects type of person, this quote would remind me that the journey is more important than the end result.   You know, to stop and smell the roses along my journey of life. I can certainly use that reminder several times a day as I am checking off the to-do list. I so intently zone into my project at hand that I forget there is anything else happening like the sun shining, crickets chirping, or even the need to get up and stretch. In the past, this spoke to me mainly about the importance of the journey. But recently, I had a new epiphany about that quote that sent my brain reeling.  The end does matter.  What we persevere and accomplish matters. Why we bother to finish matters. How our attitude is at the end of the journey matters. I'm saying the journey is impo

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