Monday, August 13, 2018

The Pursuit of Balance

Please don't laugh at me. I've had one of those realization moments that left me feeling kind of stupid.

Let me explain.

I've always longed for a balanced life. Work, play, projects, educational pursuits, exercise, creative expression, gardening, housework, spiritual growth, and family responsibilities. I'm sure you can relate. There are numerous directions and opportunities to consume our waking hours.  

Now I used to have this belief that if I could just find the right time management program or the right way to carve up my time or if I could ever get caught up on projects, then some magical event would happen and BALANCE would enter my life—forever. My mental picture is like the inside of a windup clock mechanism—all the springs and gears would miraculously hit the sweet spot and time would become my friend and balance would forever reign supreme in my world.

I know that sounds silly. Remember, don't laugh.

I have no idea where that notion came from or when I started to believe it. But lately, I heard something that completely changed my view of balance.

Balance requires effort on our part.

I mean, we have to work at it to achieve it. No balance genie is granting me a wish and setting my life in order. No time management program could ever schedule those unplanned crises that life sometimes delivers. The hands on the clock aren't going to mysteriously add hours to the day.

Think about it.

Most of the good things in life come at a cost. 

Lessons learned. Overcoming additions. Changing our stinking thinking. Those are just examples of good things that require an investment on our part. We make the decision to achieve our latest goal, decide how to proceed, get ourselves ready, and advance forward determined to be victorious. That requires a ton of effort on our part.

So will balance.

I must reevaluate how I view and chase after balance. What does a balanced life look like? Does it even exist? I mean, we've all had those out-of-the-blue life-curve-balls thrown at us. How do we fit those into a balanced life? How do we manage life's have-to activities with our want-to dreams?

I wish I had all the answers to those questions. I wish I could wiggle my nose like Bewitched and bring balance into my life and yours. Now, I finally understand that's impossible.

Balance demands effort, evaluation, and flexibility. And lots of practice. 

So I'm trashing old notions, rolling up my sleeves, and setting a new course. I'm excited and a little scared to see the lesson balance intends to teach me. But at least I'm not still stuck inside a magical windup clock. Instead, I'm moving forward with an open mind and fresh hope in pursuit of new balance insight.

What about you? Do you struggle with balance? What lessons have you learned? I promise not to laugh. After all, we're on this same journey called life. Thanks for sharing a comment.    

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