Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Christmas Epiphany

What would Christmas be without traditions? Like eggnog, the Grinch, and The Little Drummer Boy. 

On Christmas morning, my husband makes oyster stew for breakfast. My grandmother handed this tradition down to me and so every year the hot stew is served. Baking cookies, tacky light tours, and watching Christmas shows are traditions that deliver memories and warmth to the season.

Many years ago while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, God revealed a Christmas epiphany to me. 

The Grinch's life-changing transformation emulates Saul's conversion on the Damascus road. 

Have you ever considered how much they have in common? 

  • Saul hated and stoned Christians. Grinch hated and tormented the Whos.
  • Saul's eyes were opened. The Grinch’s heart grew.
  • Christ's encounter with Saul transformed the direction of his life. The Who's joy transformed the Grinch's comprehension of Christmas true meaning.  
  • Saul became Paul, the great apostle. And the Grinch became a good Grinch who served the roast beast. 
Tucked inside the children's story are golden nuggets of truth.

  • We can be wrong one minute and made right the next. 
  • Often we aren't looking for transformation when it happens.
  • We are changed and then begin to comprehend our God-gifted potential.
  • Our new life choices will brighten the lives of others. 

Christmas is about celebrating the best gift ever given--the birth of Jesus. He came to transform our eternal destiny, conquer death, and renovate our souls.

May our eyes and hearts be open and transformed by the beauty and true meaning of Christmas. And whether it's oyster stew or roast beast, I pray your new and old Christmas traditions will deliver joy, love and hope. Merry Christmas!

What are your favorite traditions? Had any new epiphanies lately? Please share.

Tammy Van Gils plants words and grows insightful stories blooming with hope. She is a thriving survivor of abuse, abandonment and adversity. How? By the Master Gardener's grace, the Vine's love, and the Advocate's renewal—emotionally and spiritually.