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A Lucky Brooder?

About nine months ago, we added a new girl to join the Bloom Girls. We call her Lucky, because she is or at least, was lucky.
You see, she must have ran away from her home and hung out at the end of our street with the group of mailboxes. For several days, our neighbors called to inform us that one of our girls had escaped. But all our girls were safe and sound in their run. After about five days, Hubby went and brought her home. We were amazed she had made it that long by a busy road and with wild critters who would have loved to eat her, hence her name "Lucky". We should have put her in quarantine to protect our flock but didn’t. We opened the door and put her in the run with our thirteen other girls. We knew this meant she would be picked on since she’s the stranger (I guess chickens do the whole “stranger danger” thing) and because she was smaller than our girls. So Lucky began her journey as a Bloom Girl at the bottom of the pecking order.
My daughter-in-law told me she i…

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