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Rocking the Clock

First, allow me to apologize for being MIA for so long. I guess time has been fleeting this year. 

2019 was a great year in many ways. Do you remember last years resolutions and dreams? How did you do? I bet like me--you nailed a few and failed at a few too. 

Here is one area where I nailed it. I started a new business and launched a new website, Your Business Ally.  I bet you didn't know I sold real estate years ago and actually am a graduate of the Realtor's Institute. A Realtor asked if I'd be their transaction coordinator since she had a super busy spring and summer ahead. I agreed. And wow, I really like it TONS. 

One reason is that the real estate business is never boring. Every deal is different--personalities, conditions, locations, problems. That keeps things interesting and gives you something new to learn on every transaction. I also enjoy helping folks through the process--the agents but also the clients. I discovered that my experience as a small business owner, …

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