Journeys and Endings

Do you have a favorite saying?

One of mine is--

"Life is a journey with an end, 

but it is the journey that matters in the end."

The reason I've always loved this is because as a busy-beaver-always-working-on-projects type of person, this quote would remind me that the journey is more important than the end result.  

You know, to stop and smell the roses along my journey of life. I can certainly use that reminder several times a day as I am checking off the to-do list. I so intently zone into my project at hand that I forget there is anything else happening like the sun shining, crickets chirping, or even the need to get up and stretch. In the past, this spoke to me mainly about the importance of the journey.

But recently, I had a new epiphany about that quote that sent my brain reeling. 

The end does matter. 

What we persevere and accomplish matters.

Why we bother to finish matters.

How our attitude is at the end of the journey matters.

I'm saying the journey is important but equally the end matters too.

As a Christian, this is especially true. 

Why and how I chose to live my life matters. I can either be a good witness for Christ or I can distract and lead others away from Him. I can edify and build up or I can criticize and tear down. I can love my neighbor as Christ instructs or be a part of the cultural depredation. 

And all these decisions not only affect my journey, but the journeys of others. 

One day when the trumpet calls and He appears in the clouds to call His bride--the church--to leave with Him, I will end this earthly journey and begin my eternal existence with Him.  

The end of one journey and beginning of a new one. 

But I'm also aware that will not be the case for everyone. 

Some will miss His appointed evacuation plan. They will remain here on their journey, still waiting for their earthly end. I believe those will be extremely tough times for all. The Bible tells us in Romans 1:25, "They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator--whoever is praised, Amen."  

My prayer for these dear souls is that their hearts will be softened, the scales will fall from their eyes, and their minds will be opened so that the Creator will march in and reveal truth and His real love. May they develop a passion for Him and abide in His grace and mercy. May they persevere and follow Him as the book of Revelation unfolds. 

Who knows, just maybe one of them will come across these words written here and receive real freedom from an extremely hot eternity? Maybe they will find a Bible or a wise Christian ministry online (David Jeremiah would be a great choice), or seek other folks who are searching for the true God. Maybe they will stop worshiping created things and seek the face of the Creator.  

That is my prayer. For all of us.

May we enjoy our daily journey and still keep persevering toward an eternity--hopefully one filled with joy and smiles and not agony and pain. 

So do you have a favorite saying and why is it special to you? Have you had any epiphanies lately? Let's share the lessons learned on this journey called life. 


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    1. Thanks, friend. Hope you and your lovely wife are doing well.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I love your epiphanies. Such an important point—the end matters. May we never lose sight of that as we appreciate our journeys.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Epiphanies are huge to me! Like God is reaching down and whispering deep truth to me, although sometimes, I admit, it also feels like He is parting the Red Sea and dropping clarity right in my mind. I love both!

  3. I agree, Tammy. The process (the journey) is VERY important because it is there that we learn, grow, develop a closer relationship with our Lord, and keep our eyes, mind, and heart on the path to Him. BUT, the product (our final destination) is vitally important because it achieves the purpose of all we have worked for on the journey. Wishing you blessings on your journey, my friend.

    1. Awesome points!! I wish you blessings too. Happy Autumn! Thanks for the comment.


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