Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Wisdom Flashback

Recently, I had a chat with myself. Actually, my thirteen year-old-self.

That age was extremely difficult for me. My life took one of those roller coaster twists that created havoc and tons of pain. To this day, I credit my survival to that strong-willed, don't-mess-with-me, bully-girl and the Lord who loved her in spite of her attitude. And through it all, she kept her grades high and never blamed God. 

Even now when life is chaotic at times, I feel that teenage girl's dander rise. A deep sense of apprehension looms while she waits for the other shoe to drop. Because it always did.

So I sat and wrote her a letter to share some wisdom. Here are a few highlights--

Sometimes when things are crazy, I can tell it makes you uneasy and sometimes downright scared. 

But remember, a messy house, loud kids having a good time, and butting heads with someone are all a part of life. Know that life is loud, messy, unpredictable, sad, hard and chaotic at times. Today you have me and Hubby and most of all, God on your side.

You've been through a lot since thirteen—some good and some not—but that's true for everyone, cause that's life.

I know you like to have a plan so you can know what's coming, in order to prepare. Just remember, sometimes life doesn't follow our plan and that's okay. If you survived thirteen, then you can handle when life goes all helter-skelter.

Remind yourself- one moment at a time. This too shall pass. Breathe. 
Before long, life will calm down and you can regroup.

And most of all, look back at the times God has leveled your path, defended and protected you from danger, and grew beauty from the midst of ugliness. He loved you then and loves you now. So smile. Rest. Be happy. He's got you in the palm of His hand—then and now.

To my Father in heaven, I'm grateful and blessed by Your love of this troubled girl and for giving her hope for the future, but also hope in the past which reveals Your mighty hand at work. To Him be the Glory, forever.

What about you? Did you have an extremely hard patch growing up? Have you chatted with yourself over the remnants left behind? Did it help you find hope? Please share what helped you heal—the details of that time aren't what's important—how you overcame is.

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